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Welcome To Badman Corporation Gaming League.

Here Are The Games We Are Currently Playing:

“We Play Free To Play Games With Little To No Investment And Absolutely No Completely Outright PTW (Pay To Win), If You Cant Compete On A Reasonable Level Without Paying We Do not play, Money Is An Unfair Test Of True Player Skill And Achievement.”BMC Gaming

Join Our Leagues In The Games Below (FREE TO PLAY):

We Use Discord For Gaming Voice Chat. Our Discord: badmancorp#1023     .

(MOBA) Heroes Of The Storm

(MOBA) League Of Legends

(MOBA) Dota 2

(RTS) Starcraft 2

(FPS) Planetside 2

(CTM) Path Of Exile

(CARD) Eternal Card Game

(CARD) MTG Arena

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